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(also grass silage), a feed prepared from grasses dried to a 50–55 percent moisture content and preserved in airtight conditions. Grasses from natural grasslands and cultivated grasses are used in haylage. Legumes must be harvested no later than the onset of flowering, and cereals are harvested in the heading phase. Legume hay crops are crushed to accelerate drying; the dried grass is then chopped up by pickup choppers or special combines with pickup units.

Sealed metal or reinforced-concrete vertical containers, or silos, are used to store the haylage; brick and concrete vertical silos are also used. In upright silos 16–18 m tall the haylage is compacted by its own weight. In low vertical silos the crop is compressed by compactors, and in trenches the haylage is compacted by crawlers (Caterpillar tractors). The feed is stored in a dry environment to prevent active development of bacteria and sealed to preclude the development of mold.

One hundred kg of clover haylage has approximately 35–40 feed units, 4–5 kg of digestible protein, 450–460 g of calcium, 200–220 g of phosphorus, and 3,000–4,000 mg of carotene. Haylage is a loose feed, which makes mechanized distribution easy. It does not freeze owing to its low moisture content. Haylage can replace silage and hay completely in the diet of cattle.


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In tropical conditions, the conservation time of forages in the form of haylage is shorter and the preserved roughage source loses stability at approximately 60 days of storage.
Now Ron has to replace the haylage which was stored in the barn.
These recommendations enable them to feed their cows a total mixed ration of corn silage, haylage, and grains, balanced according to the energy, protein, and fiber needs for each group of cows according to their stage of lactation.
Second, new innovations have made a Harvestore faster to fill and unload in today's modern farming operation, and third, a Harvestore is still the best storage option for maintaining the highest quality haylage when compared to bags and bunkers.
Hay or haylage with a relative feed value (RFV) lower than 125 should not be accepted for the milking herd, and lower-quality stocks should be stored separately and used for dry cows or heifers.
McMANUS, whose mighty Istabraq bids to set a record of four Champion Hurdle wins at Cheltenham today, started the week in the best possible style when Druid's Glen, ridden by Tony McCoy, in the Cotswold Haylage Novices' Hurdle at Stratford.
The balance of the ration for both groups consisted of alfalfa haylage, corn silage, high-moisture corn, soybean meal, vitamins and minerals.
Washford is expected to supplant Belford and to be used primarily for hay production, but also for grazing, haylage, and silage for ruminant livestock.
He eats haylage, a cross between hay and silage, and also twice a day food which is meant for older horses.
William Finlay, 33, went to the farm of Bozena Bienkowska, 52, in the dead of night and slashed 44 bales of pre-packaged haylage, which is wet fermented grass animals eat in winter.
A wooden fodder store has been built within the grounds to protect the large bale hay and haylage that is required to feed many of the large animals.