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Indeed he was; his two raging eulogies of the anarchists executed for the Haymarket bombing are included here.
However, the book's commanding synthesis of recent labor history allows Green to make a persuasive argument that the Haymarket bombing was a historic turning point.
A playwright couldn't ask for a more dramatic historical event than the Chicago Haymarket bombing, a 19th century act of terrorism in which dynamite destroyed a meeting of anarchists, left several people dead and started the nation's first red scare.
In the five body chapters of America's Culture of Terrorism, Clymer divides his attention between examinations of the accounts of actual acts of violence, such as the 1866 Haymarket bombing and the 1910 Los Angeles Times bombing, and examinations of the manner in which fiction (by Henry James, Jack London, Thomas Dixon), poetry (by Covington Hall), and journalism (by Ida B.
In 1893 John Peter Altgeld, the reform Democratic Governor of Illinois, made a decision that ended his career: to pardon three anarchosyndicalists convicted on spurious grounds in the famous Haymarket bombing of 1886.
First galvanized by the promise of the Knights of Labor, Labadie saw his hopes for a brotherhood of man dashed on the shoals of an opportunist leadership and the immense backlash following in the wake of the haymarket bombing.