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city (1990 pop. 17,767), seat of Ellis co., W central Kans.; inc. 1885. It is a rail, trade, and medical center in a grain, cattle, and oil area. Manufactures include electronic equipment, plastics, feeds, medical supplies, aircraft, and motorcycles. Fort Hays was established (1865) 14 mi (23 km) southeast of the city, on a stagecoach road to Denver. The fort was abandoned in 1889 and the land turned over to the state with the understanding that it be used for a school, an agricultural experiment station, and a state park. The school has grown into Fort Hays Kansas State Univ.; the agricultural experiment station (laid out 1901) is one of the world's largest; and Frontier Historical Park, a state historic site, contains the fort's surviving buildings.
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Next morning, when he awoke, Pinocchio looked in the manger for more hay, but it was all gone.
'There's nothing like eating hay when you're faint,' he remarked to her, as he munched away.
'Who did you pass on the road?' the King went on, holding out his hand to the Messenger for some more hay.
On the hill-top above me sat the rising moon; pale yet as a cloud, but brightening momentarily, she looked over Hay, which, half lost in trees, sent up a blue smoke from its few chimneys: it was yet a mile distant, but in the absolute hush I could hear plainly its thin murmurs of life.
"If you are hurt, and want help, sir, I can fetch some one either from Thornfield Hall or from Hay."
"From just below; and I am not at all afraid of being out late when it is moonlight: I will run over to Hay for you with pleasure, if you wish it: indeed, I am going there to post a letter."
"Thank you; now make haste with the letter to Hay, and return as fast as you can."
“Listen!” said Elizabeth; “ I hear the rustling of the hay; they are escaping at this moment.
The oxen had started back from their hay, and were standing with their heads down the street, leaving room for the party to act in.
“Throw the hay into the cart,” said Edwards, “or they will suspect how it has been done.
The steward was seated on the hay, and enjoined to hold his peace and apply the goad that was placed in his hand, while the oxen were urged on.
Hay Denver and upon the Misses Walker, we must call upon this Mrs.