Hazardous material

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hazardous material

[′haz·ərd·əs mə′tir·ē·əl]
A poison, corrosive agent, flammable substance, explosive, radioactive chemical, or any other material which can endanger human health or well-being if handled improperly.

Hazardous material

Any material used in building construction that can be harmful to the construction workers or future occupants of the building; such as asbestos.
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For pipeline owners and operators, it is notable that an offeror can be a person who (i) makes hazardous material available to a carrier for further transportation in commerce, or (ii) performs a pre-transportation function.
USDOT is committed to ensuring that hazardous materials are transported safely and reliably, regardless of which mode of transportation a shipper chooses.
GULF NEWS: Why is it essential to strictly monitor hazardous materials and what is being done by the government in this regard?
And between 1992 and 1995 the percentage of railroads inspected for hazardous materials safety by the FRA fell from 34 percent to 21 percent.
During the inventory phase, the hazardous material officer has the greatest opportunity to interact with all departments in the hospital.
Hazardous material shipments include gasoline, explosives, radioactive and infectious substances, propane, chlorine, acids, ammonia and other poisonous gases.
The group will most likely devise guidelines for members that will rely on third party auditing to ensure that hazardous materials retrieved from recyclables are handled in an appropriate, safe manner.
Guideline preparation drew largely from information from the International Maritime Organization Marine Environment Protection Committee on ship recycling and from the International Chamber of Shipping standard inventory of potentially hazardous materials aboard vessels and code of good practice for shipowners.
This project involved hazardous material abatement, demolition, shaft capping landscaping and revegetation.
Further details are available in the Fire Protection Guide on Hazardous Materials.
The tour is sponsored by TRANSCAER([R]) (Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response), a national voluntary group that focuses on assisting communities to prepare for and to respond to a possible hazardous material transportation incident.
Household hazardous material collections began in 1988, and electronics were added in 2002.

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