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hazard material

Articles or substances that are capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety, or property when transported by air. Also called hazardous materials, hazmat, or dangerous goods.
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S0: set of the Hazmat distribution centers, where [S.sub.0] = {i| i = 1,2..., m} shows that the number distribution center is m and the sequence number of nodes set is 1...
[V.sub.d]: available transportation vehicle set in the hazmat distribution center, where V = {k | k = 1,2,...
[L.sup.d.sub.k]: maximum load of transport vehicle k from hazmat distribution center d.
where the objective function (1) minimizes the total transportation risk of hazmat [25], and the objective function (2) minimizes the total transportation time of hazmat.
In this section, we propose FCMC-PSO algorithm to solve the multiobjective route optimization problem of hazmat transportation in uncertain environment.
Aiming at the robust optimization model of hazmat transportation, the key elements of multiobjective particle swarm optimization are as follows.
Shippers are responsible for proper hazmat paperwork, and motor carriers are advised to refuse goods without proper papers.
For many firms, this means the added expense of keeping an employee available 24 hours a day while hazmat shipments are in progress.
FAA's White explains that the post office applies its own hazmat standards for bypass-mail delivery because goods such as perfume can damage postal cargoes.
Like others in the industry, Bush Consolidator's Krogstad fears a lack of knowledge breeds frustration, which prompts shippers to try to circumvent hazmat rules.
FAA's White says shippers can alleviate hazmat transport headaches in several ways, depending on cost and frequency of their companies' hazmat shipping.
Sending an employee to hazmat training is another alternative.