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(1) See also HD DVR.

(2) (High Definition DVD) A short-lived, high-capacity optical disc that held four hours of HD video on a single-sided, single-layer 15GB disk. Sanctioned by the DVD Forum in 2003, HD DVD gave way to Blu-ray within a few years.

Based on the Advanced Optical Disc (AOD) technology from Toshiba and NEC, HD DVD used a blue-violet laser that read pits half the size of a DVD on tracks more tightly packed. Like Blu-ray, HD DVD supported 1080p resolution and advanced video codecs (see H.264 and VC-1). An advantage for media manufacturers was that, unlike Blu-ray, traditional DVD stamping machines needed only minor modifications to make HD DVDs.

The first HD DVD drives were sold in the U.S. in 2006, and Microsoft offered the drive as an Xbox option. Despite its features and support, in 2008, the majority of movie studios and retail outlets chose Blu-ray over HD DVD, and the "format war" was over.

HD DVD Formats
HD DVD-ROMs were pressed for commercial movies, while HD DVD-Rs were recorded once by the user and HD DVD-RWs were rewritable. A few dual-format HD DVD/Blu-ray players were developed, and hybrid HD DVD/DVD discs were planned. See Blu-ray, HD formats, DVD and DTV.

FULL-SIZE HD DVD (120mm) CAPACITIESSINGLE SIDED     DOUBLE SIDED HD                HDLayers  Storage  Hours    Storage  HoursSingle15GB    4       30GB     8
 Dual      30GB    8
 Triple    51GB   14
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-- Still image decoder & Thomson Multimedia's Film Grain Technology (FGT) accelerators, compliant with HD-DVD specifications.
Earlier this year, Toshiba released a pair of HD-DVD players: the HD-A1 ($499) and the HD-XA1 ($799).
M2 Engineering, on the other hand, has said that the company has no preferences and although HD-dvd would make it easier to adapt the company's current equipment, Blue-Ray would ensure that the customers would need new machines, reported the Swedish technology newspaper Ny Teknik.
The HD-DVD format can best be viewed as an extension of the current 4.7-GB DVD recordable technology.
One factor related to player manufacturing costs is the HD-DVD units use a single lens that emits red and blue laser light, and reads both current and next-generation discs.
Recent sales figures show consumers have just about voted with their credit cards and placed the champion's belt on Blue-Ray, despite HD-DVD systems being cheaper.
But they have a rival, the HD-DVD player, which does more or less the same thing.
Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are the two biggest formats in the next generation of optical discs and players (think better quality, bigger capacity DVDs and players).
Toshiba will demonstrate its prototype HD-DVD players by hooking them up to liquid crystal display televisions as well as personal computers that incorporate the HD-DVD technology.
The red-laser contender is the high-density DVD (HD-DVD), which has the same structure as a traditional DVD.
The DVD Forum itself voted to approve the use of a completely different low-bit-rate compression technology for High-Definition DVD (HD-DVD).
TOSHIBA have become the first computer maker to ship a portable computer with an HD-DVD drive.