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(mining engineering)
The frame at the top of a shaft, on which is mounted the hoisting pulley. Also known as gallows; gallows frame; headstock; hoist frame.
The shaft frame, sheaves, hoisting arrangements, dumping gear, and connected works at the top of a shaft. Also known as headgear.



a structure that houses mine-shaft hoisting equipment. Headframes are differentiated according to the materials from which they are made (wood, metal, reinforced-concrete, or mixed types) and the number of hoisting machines (one, two, or three) and their arrangement relative to the shaft (parallel to the shaft, at an angle, or in the headframe). Metal and wooden headframes, usually of a tent-shaped system, are a three-dimensional construction in the form of a truncated pyramid with sloping walls. Reinforced-concrete headframes are usually erected in the form of a tower 80-100 m high, in which the hoisting machinery is located.


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On the same level In the service headframe, SIEMAG TECBERG is installing a smaller auxiliary Koepe-hoist, the SS2, with a 2.
With the city's rich culture and history in mind, the McKees opened Headframe Spirits so friends could gather together to drink some spirits and tell old stories about Butte .
A monument in the hearts and minds of the bereaved members of the community, the white pillar serves a more functional purpose as the headframe of East Malartic Mine's new inclined shaft No.
A prow-shaped battlement of concrete and brick, the Overlook is perched on the easternmost edge of the Hill, between the Berkeley Pit and the Yankee Doodle Tailings Pond, offering a bird's-eye view of the Granite Mountain headframe.
The flywheel on the headframe was an oversized mutation of a child's pinwheel, its blades whirling like stylized knives high over the cage that sank abruptly through the stage floor - "Meat coming down
There is a headframe and holding pond, equipment shed, maybe a Cat or backhoe.
They would note the same basic elements at each site: the entrance to the mine (often with a headframe to house the hoist), the mill where valuable ore was at least partially separated from the worthless rock, a dump where unmarketable debris was discarded, a general store or business district, an owner's or manager's mansion, supervisors' homes, workers' cabins, and perhaps also a church or school.
Located southwest of Red Lake, the property has 27 levels of underground workings, a 1,275-metre deep shaft, headframe and a 550-tonne per day mill.
Caption: West Australian sunset and the headframe at IGO's Long Nickel mine.
Tenders are invited for The project work will include the procurement and installation of all necessary materials, and allappurtenances to construct a new foundation system for the Independence headframe.