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(mining engineering)
Distance between the drill platform and the bottom of the sheave wheel.
Height between the floor and the roof in a mine opening.
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The clear vertical distance between a floor or stair tread and the ceiling or overhead obstruction.
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headroom, headway

1. The clear vertical space (as from floor to ceiling), esp. the height which is available for passage.
2. In the stage-house of a theater, the clear height over the gridiron.
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Intended as a parody of insincere TV presenters, The Max Headroom Show became a hit and was expanded.
If the new ducts provide enough headroom, just deliver the old ducts to the contractor to use as a template for the new ones.
It's in conjunction with the BBC Headroom campaign, a year of events and broadcasts aimed at encouraging people to look after their mental heath and wellbeing.
But Conwy council has erected four signs telling cyclists to dismount because of "reduced headroom".
'We have headroom to raise about INR43bn in both Tier-I and Tier-II capital,' the executive said.
But the owner of the Stratstone and Evans Halshaw brands did agree a new three year pounds 530 million loan facility with lenders, giving the firm the necessary headroom to weather the storm.
The Smart Weigh Belt Feeder (SWB) offers gravimetric feeding of free-flowing or friable ingredients in applications requiring higher feed rates or where headroom is limited.
Cattles was forced to scrap plans to secure pounds 100m in new funding this quarter due to troubled wholesale money markets - but stressed it had a pounds 227m funding "headroom".
It is located in a renovated unit with a low ceiling height - so necessitating an expanded drum design so that the required capacity could be achieved within the limited headroom.
In addition, the scalability of the high-performance ARM processor-based multicore solution enables the Comcerto100 to provide significant application headroom for future service deployments.
He claimed 70% of employees were "headroom winners"; 17% would gain salary immediately on implementation, but 644 (19%) were "headroom losers" and would get lower pay.
The new Magnum has a redesigned and roomier cab with the roof raised another 20cm to give over two metres headroom.