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head of household

traditionally the senior male of the household (i.e. ‘breadwinner’ in 19th-century terms), a tradition which has influenced social research definitions. In government surveys, the head of household has been defined as the man who is the owner or tenant of the house, or the man who lives with the woman who is the owner or tenant of the house. Therefore ‘female-headed households’ are confined to women living alone, or women-headed single-parent households, or women who are the tenant or owner living with older people.

This definition of head of household has consequences for the analysis of household situation: should members of a household be ascribed a social position according to the economic and social status of the, usually male, head of household? The debate on this overlaps with the debate on how social CLASS should be defined. In social surveys social class is measured by such variables as occupation (current job, job grade, responsibility in job), and/or education (highest qualification level achieved) and/or housing status. Should these variables be measured for the head of household and his social class then be assigned to all other members of the household? Can social class as measured in this way be assigned to other members of the family, e.g. the woman he lives with, ‘his’ children, etc? Alternatively, is social class an individual attribute measured for each adult's own occupational, educational and housing status? Or, should social class be measured for the household through considering these variables for both male and female adults in the household?

Such questions have important repercussions for policy. In the collection of poverty statistics in the UK, it is assumed that resources are shared equitably within the family. If the head of household earns sufficient then the entire household is above the poverty line. However, many researchers have challenged this assumption and argued that although in some families resources may be equitably distributed, in others they are not and women and children may be living below the poverty line in families that appear adequately resourced by government criteria. See also WOMEN-HEADED HOUSEHOLDS, CLASS DEALIGNMENT.

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Based on the literature, information search can be divided into internal and external, but the present study will examine information search behavior of heads of households through the personal information of heads of households, the family members' information and information external to households.
Table 2 shows the maximum likelihood estimates of Tobit regressions for the determinants of poverty among heads of household in Niger State, Nigeria.
This tax may apply if modified AGI exceeds $200,000 for single filers and heads of household or $250,000 for joint filers.
* The AGI limit for the saver's credit (also known as the retirement savings contributions credit) for low-and moderate-income workers is S57,500 for married couples filing jointly, up from $56,500 in 2011; S43,125 for heads of household, up from $42,375; and $28,750 for married individuals filing separately and for singles, up from S28.250.
We observe that the average monthly household income associated with Estonian heads of household exceeds income for non-Estonian headed households by 252 kroons (US$22.12).
As for the 45- to 54-year-old single women, Davis speculates that their higher risk of early death may result from the stress of their being low-income heads of household.
For singles and heads of household, the income phase-out range is $110,000 to $125,000, up from $107,000 to $122,000.
Since 1991, when there were 11.5 million heads of household between the ages of 25 and 34, the size of this prime renter group has been shrinking.
Weise's title is apt because it reflects his conclusion that Appalachian Heads of Household embraced the goal of household autonomy but were rarely able to reach it.
The full credit is only allowed for taxpayers with AGI up to $30,000 (married joint filers), $22,500 (heads of household) or $15,000 (all others); no credit is allowed when AGI exceeds $50,000, $37,500 or $30,000, respectively.

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