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The acquisition by Humana will support the company's efforts to help its national provider network leverage the benefits of health information exchange technology.
Key to those insights is how health information exchanges can succeed based on member fees, not outside funding.
The Illinois HIE Authority was created by statute in 2010 to operate a statewide electronic health information exchange.
Its goals are to ensure providers, patients and communities have long-term access to cost effective, sustainable health information exchange aligned with costs distributed across a broad user base.
About eHealth Global Technologies - eHealth Global Technologies (eHGT) is a leading referral management and diagnostic image exchange service provider, serving over half of the nation's top 100 hospitals and leading health information exchanges (HIEs), including 13 of the top 17 hospitals selected to the prominent Honor Roll of the Best Hospitals from the 2011-2012 U.
The CORHIO HIE is one of the largest and most robust health information exchange networks in the United States, containing information for more than four million unique patients.
Founded in 2007 by experts in healthcare technologies, ApeniMED is an industry-leader in health information exchange (HIE) and federal agency connectivity using the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN).
I am thrilled that HealthONE is now officially part of the CORHIO health information exchange network," said Morgan Honea, chief executive officer at CORHIO.
As we prepare to launch Tennessee's Health Information Exchange, we need a strong communications partner.
EHR adoption continues to grow, but health information exchange lags, hindered by technical, business and regulatory challenges.
After three years of preparing small practices and safety net hospitals in rural Florida to participate in a regional health information exchange (HIE), the not-for-profit CommunityHealth IT has partnered with RelayHealth to enable the transfer of health information among providers and to empower patients and businesses with patient engagement tools.
List of Tables Table 1 Global Market Revenue, By Type, 2011C 2018 ($Million) Table 2 Global Market, By Implementation Model, 2011C 2018 ($Million) Table 3 Healthcare Information Exchange Systems Market Revenue, By Geography, 2011C 2018 ($Million) Table 4 Global Health Information Exchange Systems Market Revenue, By Type, 2011C 2018 ($Million) Table 5 North America: Health Information Exchange Systems Market Revenue, By Type, 2011C 2018 ($Million) Table 6 North America: Market Volume, By Type, 2011C 2018 (No.

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