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Healthy Living Beautifully Balanced for those trying to maintain their weight or wanting to make healthier choices for themselves and their families.
Across Wales, there will be events organised by schools, networks and local authorities; activities at a grassroots and community level that are the bread and butter of National Healthy Living Week.
Yvonne Traynor, from the Healthy Living Award, said: "Indian food can be loaded with fat but because Balbir's now use rape seed oil and low-fat yoghurt for their creamier dishes, their food is now a lot healthier.
Motorcise Healthy Living Centres are specifically targeted at women over the age of 40 who might find health clubs and gymnasiums intimidating.
Healthy Living, which was first launched in 1985, will focus on wholesome ingredients, with limits on fat, saturates, sugar and salt.
Sefton Council have agreed to help promote healthy living lifestyles by giving the children fresh fruit snacks between games and healthy promotion leaflets.
The programme, which includes dozens of healthy living schemes ranging from education, childcare and nutritional training, was set up to promote long-term health improvements for people in Wirral.
The goal of the Healthy Living Strategy is to encourage and support positive health choices.
Healthy living centres across the Midlands will today be hailed as 'part of the nation's progress towards better health' by Health Minister Hazel Blears.
Mental well-being has been gaining recognition as a key element to healthy living, though there is some disagreement as to what best contributes to mental health.
Thousands of 4-H youth ambassadors will receive training through teen summits to help promote healthy living in communities with the greatest needs

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