Heard Island

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Heard Island,

barren, uninhabited subantarctic island, 142 sq mi (368 sq km), S Indian Ocean, located some 300 mi (483 km) SE of the Kerguelen Islands. Mountainous and largely covered by snow and glaciers, it is volcanic in origin. Mawson Peak, 9,006 ft (2,745 m), is an active volcano, and the highest peak in Australian territory. The island is a nature preserve and home to a large population of seals and penguins and other birds. It was discovered by U.S. Capt. John J. Heard in 1853 and and has been administered by Australia since 1947. Together with the smaller nearby McDonald Islands and Shag Island it forms the Territory of Heard Island and the McDonald Islands, 159 sq mi (412 sq km).
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Richards (1982; 1984, 24) identifies that a key reason Heard Island was not officially discovered until the 1850s was that until that time, and the beginning of the use of great circle route navigation to Australia, ships did not regularly go that far south in the Indian Ocean.
Daniel, a lecturer in Sport, Fitness and Outdoor Recreation at Meadowbank College in New South Wales, is planning to sail solo to Heard Island - home to the highest peak in the Australian Territories-with the aim of becoming the first person to sail, climb and kayak solo at the sub-Antarctic island.
Australia oversees two important commercial fisheries for Patagonian toothfish and mackerel icefish in the waters around the Heard Island and McDonald Islands region of the vast southern Indian Ocean.
The diet of Antarctic fur seals Arctocephalus gazella (Peters) during the breeding season at Heard Island.
Austral is the worlds first certified carbon neutral seafood business and has boats fishing from the Antarctic to the tropics, with operations in the Heard Island and McDonald Islands Fishery, in the Southern Ocean; and the Northern Prawn Fishery in Australias top end.
Research has shown that Brown Glacier on subantarctic Heard Island is retreating rapidly.
This enabled him last November to undertake a visit to Heard Island and some of the other more remote islands of the South Indian Ocean.
The group successfully tested this idea from Heard Island off Antarctica in 1991 (SN: 1/26/91, p.
government, today announced that it has successfully supported the 2016 Heard Island Project, a multidisciplinary expedition to a remote island in the Southern Ocean.
John Davis of the Australian Fisheries Management Authority said that the Australian Government is pursuing all legal avenues available to at least control toothfish pirating in the Heard Island and MacDonald Island fisheries.
While many scientists have experimented with sending sounds through the ocean, Munk and his colleagues performed the most ambitious test of this concept two years ago, when they emitted a low-frequency hum from Heard Island, in the southern Indian Ocean (SN: 1/26/91, p.
The three-month voyage will visit 13 of the major island groups surrounding the Antarctic continent, including Australias Heard Island.