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Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is now in its 35th year and each year trains hundreds of dogs to help deaf people with daily life.
uk Biscuit is a show cocker spaniel and was donated to Hearing Dogs by breeder Margaret Burnham, of Cleckheaton.
In my experience, deaf dogs take to "clicker training" just as well as hearing dogs.
Lynn Larner, regional fundraiser for the North of England at Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, said: "A hearing dog isn't just a practical asset but is also an emotional support and a friend in a silent world.
Service dogs and hearing dogs are two types of assistance dogs.
That was good news for trainer Lori Ramey from the Sam Simon Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides hearing dogs - known also as assistance dogs - to deaf and hard- of-hearing people.
Hearing dogs alert severely and profoundly deaf people to sounds such as smoke alarms, crying babies, telephones and alarm clocks.
Hearing Dogs - 20 hearing dogs have required extra support visits from behaviourists to work through problems caused by fireworks in 2004.
Double-blind tests on six dogs of varying ages and breeds, trained by Hearing Dogs for the deaf, had a success rate of 41 per cent - much higher than the 14 per cent success expected by chance alone.
Kayo, a two and a half year-old female, had been trained since last September and became companion to 49-year-old Hikaru Takuwa, a housewife from Chiba Prefecture, at the end of last December, said the Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People in Miyata, Nagano Prefecture.
In the 1980s, the CCI program expanded to include hearing dogs trained to alert deaf or hearing-impaired individuals to the sounds they cannot hear, as well as social dogs for children, dogs for individuals with developmental disabilities, or dogs for any situation where the supervision of a third party is required.