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Terms of the transaction, for which Hearst received requisite regulatory approval earlier this week, were not disclosed.
Fifty film fans had the opportunity to watch Welles' 1941 groundbreaking film partly based on the late William Randolph Hearst at the media tycoon's own private theater at Hearst Castle, a concession the magnate would probably not have made.
Hearst Health Ventures is dedicated to advancing businesses that are providing innovative solutions to healthcare challenges, Malloch said.
During the mid-1970s, Hearst became an irresistible subject for contesting political ideology, philosophy, and identity within a nation transitioning from the liberal 1960s to the conservative 1980s.
Starting in April 2003, the Times sought to shut down the JOA; Hearst pre-emptively sued the Seattle Times Co.
The deal with Hearst comes with an option that will allow it to purchase the commercial components for $95 million--an acquisition opportunity that sources say it will likely exercise at some point during the term of the lease.
Now, however, others just as ruthless as Swearengen -- including George Hearst (Gerald McRaney), who's every bit as ambitious and ruthless as Al -- have come to Deadwood with dreams of domination of their own.
Hearst -- The head of a California eco-energy company, eager to build Ontario's first forest biomass-to-ethanol fuel plant in Hearst, says they may be kick starting an emerging green fuel industry in the North.
As Orson Welles showed us in his brilliantly satirical movie, Citizen Kane William Randolph Hearst was a gigantic figure, a larger than life tycoon involved in the media, Hollywood and international affairs.
Marbut will remain for two years as a consultant for San Antonio-based Argyle Communications, and for less time with Hearst Corp.
William Randolph Hearst is one of those people we all know was
Hearst, a chemist at the University of California, Berkeley.