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(păl'pĭtā`shən), abnormal heartbeat that is often associated with a sensation of fluttering or thumping. The normal heartbeat is not noticeable to the individual. Palpitation may be a symptom of organic heart disease or of other body disorders such as an overactive thyroid gland or anemia. In healthy persons palpitation can be brought on by undue exertion, shock, excitement, or stimulants.



a heart action that produces a disagreeable awareness in those suffering from various diseases, including diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, and endocrine systems, as well as in healthy individuals under considerable physical and emotional strain. Palpitation is primarily associated with an increase in the number of heart contractions per minute, for example, with overstrain or paroxysmal tachycardia. It is also associated with rhythmic disorders of contractility, including extrasystole and atrial fibrillation. Therapeutic measures and preventive treatment are determined by the causes of palpitation.

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Keshav R after which she was diagnosed for heart palpitations and was treated for the same.
Sam's brothers and sister are being screened for heart conditions and Mr Standerwick said he wanted others to be aware of the possible signs - these include heart palpitations, dizziness, blackouts, and swelling around the ankles.
Adrian said: "The night before he was suffering from heart palpitations, something he had been saying about for a little while, every now and again.
Symptoms include uncontrolled worrying, restlessness and trouble relaxing, feeling constantly on edge, feelings of foreboding, heart palpitations, and irritability Individuals with chronic anxiety should see their health care provider for a thorough assessment.
Answers to questions about heart palpitations, yohimbe, and blood under the skin
The couple toured the house while my husband and I suffered heart palpitations.
W, age 42, presents at the local emergency department (ED) with heart palpitations.
He is nearly 80 with heart palpitations and a failing memory, but is still as tart-tongued, observant and eager for life as ever.
High levels of acetaldehyde, which can be reached quickly with low amounts of alcohol ingestion in susceptible Chinese, causes facial anybody flushing, heart palpitations, reduced blood pressure, nausea, headache, drowsiness and the symptoms associated with a hangover.
My heart palpitations, called PVCs, come on with the slightest activity.
Those with diabetes, mood disorders and heart, kidney or liver diseases may have reactions including heart palpitations, seizures, cardiac arrest or even death.