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(păl'pĭtā`shən), abnormal heartbeat that is often associated with a sensation of fluttering or thumping. The normal heartbeat is not noticeable to the individual. Palpitation may be a symptom of organic heart disease or of other body disorders such as an overactive thyroid gland or anemia. In healthy persons palpitation can be brought on by undue exertion, shock, excitement, or stimulants.
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a heart action that produces a disagreeable awareness in those suffering from various diseases, including diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, and endocrine systems, as well as in healthy individuals under considerable physical and emotional strain. Palpitation is primarily associated with an increase in the number of heart contractions per minute, for example, with overstrain or paroxysmal tachycardia. It is also associated with rhythmic disorders of contractility, including extrasystole and atrial fibrillation. Therapeutic measures and preventive treatment are determined by the causes of palpitation.

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Researcher Amy Peacock said: "They also had a greater chance of experiencing several side-effects linked to over-stimulation, including heart palpitations, increased speech speed, sleeping difficulties, agitation and tremors, jolt and crash episodes, irritability and tension."
Michael, from Edinburgh said she suffered heart palpitations after taking two of the tablets and had vowed not to take more.
Heart palpitations are heartbeats that suddenly become more noticeable but they're usually regular.
Some adults are also more sensitive to caffeine than others - and for them it can trigger heart palpitations.
Initial signs, which are common to all anaemias, develop slowly and may include fatigue and faintness, pale skin, shortness of breath on mild exertion or heart palpitations.
You have difficulty breathing, hot flushes and heart palpitations.
FREDDIE Starr has suffered heart palpitations after a woman accused him of trying to grope her when she was 14, his fiancee claims.
The Frenchman (right) was forced off in the defeat by Sunderland just over a week ago after suffering heart palpitations.
She added: "She had taken drugs and complained of heart palpitations."
Miss Francis, who lived in Welshpool but was born in Solihull, told her friend Judith Powell about having heart palpitations in the days leading up to her death in February this year.
Symptoms can include heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness and fatigue.
I was also getting heart palpitations and panic attacks.