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ARDBEG MENTOR, the former top-class open performer for Ken Testerwho retiredtostud only last year, hasdied f roma heartattack, writesP hil Donaldson.
In nearly half of the families 47 percent a parent had suffered a heartattack, stroke or needed a procedure to clear blocked heart arteries by the end of the study period.
Swansea striker Idrizaj died last week of a suspected heartattack, aged just 22.
Experts say that the pounds 12million overhaul of the treatment of heartattack patients will SAVE an extra 240 lives a year.
George, who had a heartattack in February 2005 and has high blood pressure, got more grief on Tuesday when British Gas - whose owners Centrica made a pounds 500MILLION profit in just the first six months of this year - sent him an email demanding the pounds 142.
Mrs Vavoulas arranged for the locks to be changed but, later that day her mother who lived in Castleland Street, suffered a heartattack and was rushed to Llandough Hospital.
Then there's Darren McAllister, or Dmac Heartattack, as he'd prefer to be known.
I thought we could hold out when we were 3-2 up with eight minutes to go, but eight minutes is a long time in football - it's heartattack time for managers.