Heat-Transfer Fluid

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Heat-Transfer Fluid


(also heat-transfer medium or coolant), a mobile medium used for transferring heat from a hotter object to a cooler object. Heat-transfer fluids are used for cooling, drying, and heat treatment in heat-supply, heating, and ventilation systems and in industrial heat devices. The most common mediums are flue (stack) gases, water, steam, liquid metals (potassium, sodium, and mercury), Freons, and aerosols of bulk materials.

In the process of transferring heat, heat-transfer fluids may change their state of aggregation, as in the case of boiling liquids and condensing vapors, or they may remain in the same state, as with nonboiling liquids, superheated vapors, and noncondensing gases. In the first instance, the temperature of the heat-transfer fluid is unchanged, since only the heat of transformation is transferred; in the second, the temperature of the fluid increases or decreases. There are special requirements for the heat-transfer fluids (coolants) in nuclear reactors.


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heat-transfer fluid

Liquid which absorbs heat energy at a heat source (for example, in a solar collector) and then transports this energy to a heat exchanger or to its point of use.
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That's why the company settled on Greenway Neo heat-transfer fluid from Climalife for the secondary refrigerant circuit when it replaced its refrigeration system.
First, new Paratherm HT heat-transfer fluid is a partially hydrogenated terphenyl suitable for very high-temperature uses--up to 675 F.
Therefore, the controllability of the temperature of the heat-transfer fluid in the shelf is very important for product quality during the freeze-drying process.
Unlike photovoltaic solar panels, CSP uses two loops of pipes -- heat-transfer fluid (HTF) and solar steam loops.
This solar energy heats a heat-transfer fluid that is used to generate steam, which then powers a conventional turbine generator.
That heat is transferred directly into the wine in the tank and then must be removed by the heat-transfer fluid. Thus, you need to have an insulating material that will prohibit water from condensing on the surface, and the only way to meet that task cost effectively is to use foam that will not let water migrate to the tank surface.
Characteristics of microncapsulated PCM slurry as a heat-transfer fluid. AIChE Journal 45(4):696-707.
The NanoHex project will develop a new heat-transfer fluid infused with micro-engineered particles which it hopes to make 40% more efficient than current coolants.
The blaze was fuelled by Syltherm, described by plant officials as 'a heat-transfer fluid that keeps pipes hot to prevent polymers from hardening'.
Designed for steam, hot-water and heat-transfer fluid applications, the BE3L bellows seal glove valve features forged steel construction and stainless steel bellows to with-J, stand 10,000 cycles.
A three-way valve replaces separate fill and suction valves, which simplifies heat-transfer fluid refilling.
According to Renewable Energy of Texas, "Energy from the sun can provide more than half of a home's hot water needs." Solar units use the sun's rays to heat either water or a heat-transfer fluid in collectors mounted, in most cases, on a roof.