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And when Teesside Assistant Coroner Jo Wharton asked Mr Heaviside's father if he believed there was an intention on Alex's part to take his own life, he said: "Absolutely.
On reaching him, Heaviside gave him water, dressed his wounds and then made his way back to his own position with a promise to return with help.
From the Heaviside step function contained in the definition of the transverse dynamic spin susceptibility (1), it already follows that [[chi].sup.+-] (r, r'; t - t') = 0 and hence
Some other parameters of the method (X-FEM) were added in this code, such as the functions of enrichment at the crack tip and the Heaviside function.
The Heaviside Indicator is greater than zero in the TAR models when the error-correction term is positive (or greater than [tau]).
During the calculation of SPEs, we shall investigate how the onebody density-dependent momentum distribution functions are important in the evaluation of SPEs by replacing n(k, [rho]) with Heaviside functions.
By the similar way, we have G[h(t - a)] = [u.sup.[alpha]+1] [e.sup.-a/u] for h is Heaviside function.
[17] In relation to this, Maxwell's original electromagnetic theory [18] was truncated by Heaviside to simplify the theory into a form suitable for engineers.
including change in stiffness with applied formal notation of the Heaviside function; H [x - [x.sub.i]]--Heaviside function; [E.sub.p], [E.sub.b]--Young's modules of piezoelectric and non-piezoelectric element; [J.sub.b], [J.sub.o]--moments of inertia (described in Chapter 2.3).
The story explains how, on one special night of the year, all Jellicle Stars of the new Cats production their wise leader, Old Deuteronomy, chooses who goes to the Heaviside Layer and be reborn into a new life.