Heavy Artillery

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heavy artillery

[′hev·ē är′til·ə·rē]
Artillery other than antiaircraft artillery; consists of howitzers and longer-barreled cannon not classified as medium artillery.
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Heavy Artillery


a type of field artillery used in various armies, including the Red Army, in the first half of the 20th century. Heavy artillery was used to destroy field structures and targets under cover. The category included howitzers, cannon, and mortars in calibers of 105 to 155 mm. In modern armies there is no longer any distinction made between light and heavy artillery.

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BEIRUT: The Army pounded Daesh (ISIS) positions along Lebanon's northeast border with heavy artillery Thursday, the state-run National News Agency reported.
The Saudi army used heavy artillery and pounded the areas of Razah and Shada west of Sa'ada province this morning, while warplanes continue to target Houthi military locations in several governorates in Yemen including Shabwa, Ibb, and Sana'a.
Moreover, the deal provided withdrawal of heavy artillery from the line of contact between the conflicting sides within two weeks starting from February 17 and prisoners swap.
The road from Auchonvillers to Beaumont Hamel clogged with transport and heavy artillery, in the closing stages of the Somme campaign.
The Afghan security forces want heavy artillery, IED detectors, helicopters and a list of other weapons, and Lt.
Reportedly on Friday numbers of tanks and heavy artillery weapons from Iskenderun's 39th Mechanized brigade, dispatched to Turkish southern province of Hatay's township on Syrian border, Reyhanly.
The group stormed a skyscraper, piloted boats, sidestepped tanks, called in heavy artillery and jumped off the same skyscraper while floating back down to earth via parachute.
The Israeli navy fired heavy artillery at the boats while they were fishing in the Gaza allowed fishing range, forcing them to return to shore.
He told WAFA that Israeli navy fired heavy artillery at the boats while they were fishing in the Gaza allowed fishing range, forcing them to return to shore.
The Indiana Jackass Regiment in the Civil War; a history of the 21st Infantry/1st Heavy Artillery Regiment, with a roster.
Wearing Highland dress, he drove through enemy territory to a German HQ and got them to surrender by claiming the RAF and heavy artillery would be unleashed if they did not.
Reports from Aleppo - Syria's largest city and commercial hub - said that Assad's forces are using heavy artillery, planes and a helicopter gunship to bombard rebel positions in a battle that could determine the outcome of the 17-month uprising.