Heavy Concrete

heavy concrete

[′hev·ē käŋ′krēt]
Concrete in which some or all rock aggregate is replaced by metal aggregate.

Heavy Concrete


the general name for a large group of concretes with a density of 1,800–2,500 kg/m3. The binder in heavy concrete is one of the varieties of portland cement; the aggregates are dense ore rocks such as limestones, granites, and basalts. The widespread use of heavy concrete in modern construction results from the high quality of the physicomechanical properties of heavy concrete and the availability of the natural masonry building materials used as coarse and fine aggregates.

high-density concrete, heavy concrete, heavyweight concrete

Concrete of exceptionally high unit weight, usually consisting of heavyweight aggregates; used esp. for radiation shielding.
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It was used for lifting heavy concrete elements as well as the steel construction of the new production buildings roof structure.
These reefs have been created using various donated heavy concrete and steel materials like culverts, concrete pilings, light poles and steel vessels," says Jim Oppenborn, head of the St.
As underground utilities can sink with the heavy concrete chambers needed for ongoing access to pipework, the site was problematic for Lovells to stop uneven water channels and excessive settlement putting the structures above at risk.
A 15ft tall wall, made of heavy concrete blocks, came crashing down at the Shredmet site, killing a group of Gambian immigrants, leaving families, including young children, devastated.
Once heavy concrete is poured on land, it destroys all fertility leaving the land barren.
Several properties were damaged from the large heavy concrete blocks being thrown from the force of the impacts, and parked cars were impacted by debris.
Demonstrators pushed past security forces at Tahrir Square, breached a barbed wire barrier, and attempted to pull down slabs of heavy concrete blast wall blocking Jumhuriyah Bridge, which leads toward the Green Zone, where Iraq's main government institutions are located.
to create a managed Wi-Fi network that could overcome heavy concrete structures and high ceilings and deliver superior, cost- effective wireless coverage to meet the center's expanding bandwidth needs.
Warwick Crown Court heard the team was working inside the tower when a fall of heavy concrete debris caused Mr Altoft to fall seven metres to the bottom of the structure, suffering fatal head injuries.
The film makes up for that with impressive Capitol action, building the city above and below ground through a combination of heavy concrete German locations and digital trickery, best showcased in a terrific set piece in which Katniss and her crew work out personal differences amid a rising tide of black oil.
We're now in the transitional stage between major development, heavy steel, heavy concrete now to fitting out of shops but also the remainder of the finishes around the scheme, all the public realm, all the landscaping.
Other volunteers were searching people while cranes were busy placing heavy concrete barriers around the mosque.