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Hebrew University of Jerusalem,

at Mt. Scopus, Givat Ram, Ein Karem, and Rehovot, Israel; coeducational. First proposed in 1882, formally opened 1925. It is the world's largest Jewish university and is noted for its work on the Dead Sea Scrolls. The university has faculties of humanities, mathematics and natural science, law, agriculture, and social sciences, as well as schools of education, social work, library and archive studies, and business, and operates the Hebrew Univ.–Hadassah School of Medicine. The Jewish National and University Library (1892) contains over 2 million volumes. The university maintains numerous research institutes in agriculture, business and finance, energy, law, medicine, and historical and contemporary Jewry. The Harry S. Truman International Center for the Advancement of Peace is affiliated.
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Students and academics at London's School of Oriental and Asian Studies, last week voted to support an academic boycott of Israel, including the Hebrew University of Jerusalem which has a collaboration scheme similar to what is being proposed for Glasgow.
He was the recipient of honorary degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Hebrew Union College and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.
The Premier participated in an innovation roundtable at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem hosted by the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to promote Ontario's leadership in innovation and showcase the province's world-class colleges and universities.
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem ranked 22nd in the Saudi Arabia-based Center for World University Rankings' 2014 list of the world's best universities.
Prior to his nomination, Mousa, who holds several academic degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, had worked as the superintendent of Hebrew studies in the ministry for 14 years, as Reshet Bet reported on Tuesday morning.
Well, scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and two Asian universities say the answer can be found in our genetic makeup.
The study began as he doctoral dissertation for Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
An army statement said the medical corps and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem would begin treating victims of posttraumatic stress - commonly known as shell shock - with THC, the active ingredient in the cannabis plant.
In the Middle East and Eurasia, however, "many symbolic behaviors that are considered modern existed for a time [before the Upper Paleolithic] and then disappeared, to be reinvented time and again," contends Erella Hovers of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who directed the Qafzeh project.
a leading national accounting and real estate consulting firm headquartered in Roseland, New Jersey, was recently honored at the annual gala for the Lautenberg Research Center for General and Tumor Immunology of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem on Nov.
To address the issues of water conflict and resolution, the Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies at the University of Michigan, in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Al-Quds University in East Jerusalem and with the co-sponsorship by the UM International Institute, Frankel Center for Judaic Studies and School of Public Health, held a one-day symposium on "Water Conflicts in the Middle East: Environmental Health and Socioeconomic Implications" on 14 April 1999.