Hector Malot

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Malot, Hector


Born May 20, 1830, in La Bouille, department of Seine Inférieure; died July 17, 1907, in Fontenay-sous-Bois, department of Seine. French writer.

The son of a notary, Malot was educated as a lawyer. His works began to appear in 1859. Malot’s novels written for teenagers are particularly well known and have been translated into many languages: Romain Kalbris (1869; Russian translations 1870 and 1959), Without a Family (1878; Russian translations 1886 and 1954), and In the Family (1893; Russian translation 1898). The last two novels were awarded prizes by the Académic Françlhise. The heroes of these novels are engaging because of their vivacity, boldness, and kindness; the life of the French poor is authentically depicted and the plots are absorbing.


Oeuvres complètes. Paris, 1892-98.


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