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For example, I believe the Young Hegelians' polemics against Hegel's ideological views were misplaced; it seems to me that the Young Hegelians often stood much closer to Hegel than they themselves seem to have realized.
Thus, Breckman's engagement with Marx revolves entirely around two early works, "Contribution to a Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right" and "On the Jewish Question," and draws from them the conclusion that Marx's critique of society replicates the ultimately reductionist unification of his Young Hegelian influences, precisely because his critique too is initially directed against the "sovereign person of the modern `Christian state,' not the `sovereign individual' of capitalism" (p.
Preface 8, wherein Nicolaus proposes to start up a journal devoted to seeking explanations for the Hegelian philosophy which he in his innocent obtuseness just cannot comprehend, is a tour de force of withering satire with moments of side-splitting intellectual humor.
Throughout his career he kept his distance from the dialectic theories of consciousness identified with Croce, Gentile, and other esteemed Italian Hegelians.
ARC will welcome one of Teesside's fastest rising talents Randy and The Handstand Band, and post-punk three piece Young Hegelians.
Other Teesside acts on the bill include solo sets from STU BLACKBURN of THE PURNELLS and CARL JACKSON of YOUNG HEGELIANS.
SISTER ROSE, RANDY & THE HANDSTAND BAND, and YOUNG HEGELIANS will all play at Loosely Acoustic at The Georgian Theatre.
YOUNG HEGELIANS inclusion in the line-up is no surprise as the band is also making quite a name for themselves.
Local acts performing include YOUNG HEGELIANS, SISTER ROSE, RANDY & THE HANDSTAND BAND and newcomers THE HAMLETS.
Support comes in the form of two very special acoustic sets from the thoroughly beguiling KALLINGER BROTHERS and YOUNG HEGELIANS.
Friday 101 - The Normanby; Hayley Morrison - Smiths Arms, Billingham 9pm New Age Jam - The Forum, Darlington pounds 5; Brontide, Rosa Valle - The Empire, Middlesbrough pounds 5 Saturday So What - The Park, M'bro; Second Chance - Ranch House Club, Hutton Rudby Willy Mason, Kallinger Brothers, Young Hegelians - Georgian Theatre, Stockton pounds 12/pounds 10; The Kentucky Cowtippers, The Heavenly Thrill Billys - The Forum, Darlington pounds 6; Re-Take That - Preston Park, Eaglescliffe pounds 12 Sunday Flat Back 4 - The Normanby; General Knowledge Quiz - Rudds Arms, Marton, 9pm; Tees Hot Club Blues Night - Queen Catherine, Osmotherley, 8.
YOUNG HEGELIANS, one of the finest new bands around, are a real breath of fresh air with their indie/jazz fusion and powerful lyrics.