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, Chin. Pingyang, Jap. Heijo, city (1993 pop. 2,741,260), capital of North Korea, SW North Korea, on a high bluff above the Taedong River. It is a special city with the status of province.
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, North Korea.
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Pyongyang's Heijo air base was attacked by twelve Skyraiders and sixteen Corsairs, with eight F9Fs (VF-51) sweeping in ahead of the strike force.
(114) per Martowicz, Patrick in "Character Merchandising in Europe", ed Heijo Ruijsenaars, Kluwer Law International, 2003 at 117;
View [of] the wild soy bean plants growing along road side on [the] outskirts of Heijo....
Jun 29 5th Air Force's 3rd Bombardment Group sends 18 B-26 Invader light bombers against Heijo Airfield near the North Korean capital of Pyongyang: 25 enemy aircraft are destroyed on the ground; one YAK fighter is shot down.
Ralph Hamers (CEO of ING Group), Patrick Flynn (CFO of ING Group), Wilfred Nagel (CRO of ING Group), Heijo Hauser and Hans Schoen have become members of the Supervisory Board of NN Group.
The Americans first attacked Kimpo and then Heijo airfields, destroying nineteen enemy planes.