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see HegiraHegira
or Hejira
[Ar.,=Hijra=breaking off of relations], the departure of the prophet Muhammad from Mecca in Sept., 622. Muhammad was a monotheist and preached against the polytheism of the Meccan religion.
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, Hejira
1. the departure of Mohammed from Mecca to Medina in 622 ad; the starting point of the Muslim era
2. the Muslim era itself
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25] The elements of Mitchell's self-refashioning on the Hejira cover received even more explicit figuration on its successor, the aforementioned Don Juan's Reckless Daughter (1977).
occasion of new Hejira year that he had signed the Gulf document in order to
The Salafis prefer to live in the first century Hejira [beginning in the 7th century AD], as they perceive it.
This agreement was signed by Interior Minister, Taieb Cherqaoui, Religious Endowments and Islamic Affairs Minister , Ahmed Toufiq, Housing Minister, Ahmed Taoufiq Hejira, Health Minister, Yasmina Baddou, Education Minister, Ahmed Akhchichine, and Youth and Sports Minister Moncef Belkhayat.
Ao estabelecer uma relacao intertextual com Hejira, Ito traz para o poema os temas do amor transgressor e reprimido associado as ideias de escapar de um ambiente hostil e a escolha dificil entre percorrer a amplitude das extremidades ou seguir em linha reta.
Naturalmente que, al considerar una unica expedicion, la de Taric, ademas de la posterior de Muza, y al fechar la misma en el 92 de la Hejira, no tenian el menor problema en achacar a Rodrigo y no a Witiza la deshonra de la hija del conde ceuti.
lt;<Solo despues de la hejira, la jihad se considero legitima, pero no con la finalidad de forzar a la conversion, sino de proteger al naciente Estado islamico>> (79).
It is an hejira from the deepest recesses of memory, from the Lithuania of the couple's childhood.
He considers aspects of large-scale tonal architecture, poetic and thematic unity, and genre in Song to a Seagull (1968), Hejira (1976), and Don Juan's Reckless Daughter (1977).
According to housing minister Taoufiq Hejira, 50,000 slum homes were destroyed last year and he expects this figure to be matched this year, while 130,000 new social housing units are to be completed between now and 2012 at a cost of $1.
Thirty towns have been cleared of slum areas since 2004 and 50,000 shacks were destroyed last year, Housing Minister Taoufiq Hejira said in January.
THERE are those who will tell you that Hejira is Mitchell's masterwork, the finest moment of her career.