Helicopter Carrier

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Helicopter Carrier


a warship with helicopters as its main armament. It is designed to provide security for the debarkation of naval landing troops (using transport helicopters and marine subunits) and to combat submarines (using antisubmarine helicopters). Helicopter carriers came into use abroad during the second half of the 1950’s in connection with the increased role of helicopters in naval landing operations and in combat with fast atomic submarines. At first, helicopter carriers were made by reequipping obsolete ships of other types, such as aircraft carriers and cruisers. Subsequently, specially designed helicopter carriers began to become organic to some fleets.

The most widely used helicopter carriers in foreign navies are landing helicopter carriers carrying on board between 24 and 30 heavy transport helicopters and up to one battalion of marines, landing helicopter dock ships carrying between four and six helicopters, and cruiser helicopter carriers carrying between eight and 14 helicopters. The helicopters are located on the helicopter carriers in hangars under the takeoff deck. Elevators lift the helicopters to the takeoff deck, where the heliport is located.


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The decommissioning of the helicopter carrier will leave the Navy and Royal Marines with just one operational assault ship because a second vessel has been mothballed.
DEPLOYMENT 3 Sailors' families wave helicopter carrier HMS Illustrious off at Portsmouth
He assured the workers at the STX Europe shipyard about the helicopter carrier deal.
The journalist claimed he was able to gain access to the Devonport naval base in Devon and the helicopter carrier HMS Ocean using a cleaner's lost identity card.
It was not just Royal Navy sailors who enjoyed the spectacle from on board the helicopter carrier - record breaking round the world yachtswoman Dame Ellen and four-times Olympic gold medal rower Sir Matthew Pinsent also admired the review.
Ark Royal will lead Naval Task Group 03 and will serve initially as a helicopter carrier - a policy designed for rapid troop deployment should the Iraq crisis deteriorate.
20 Kyodo A 13,270-ton French helicopter carrier will dock at the foot of the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo Bay from Feb.
3 billion in 1995 for a helicopter carrier ship the Navy hadn't requested -- reportedly threatened the Navy with retribution earlier this year for not finding a shipbuilding contract for his hometown yard.
Egypt also took delivery of two Mistral helicopter carrier on Friday as part of this deal.
The Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force will be represented by Izumo, a helicopter carrier with SH 60K helicopters and JS Sazanami, a missile destroyer with SH 60K integral helicopter.
A helicopter carrier and destroyer of the Escort Flotilla One of Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) arrived Sunday in Alava Pier for a four-day goodwill visit.
The helicopter carrier JS Izumo (DDH-183), Japan's biggest warship since World War II, and guide-missile destroyer JS Sazanami (DDG-113) docked at the Alava Pier here at about 8 a.

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