Helicopter Engine

Helicopter Engine


an aircraft engine designed to drive one or more main rotors on a helicopter. It may be a piston or jet engine. Rocket engines may also be used as auxiliaries to increase power temporarily when the helicopter is taking off or landing. Single-shaft turboprop airplane engines have been used in some helicopters, but they are being supplanted, especially in multiengine helicopters, by two-shaft turboprop engines with a so-called free turbine. In such engines the turbocompressor has no mechanical connection to the main rotor. The use of a two-shaft engine increases the efficiency of use of the helicopter’s power plant, which—irrespective of the speed of rotation of the turbocompressor—establishes the most favorable speed of rotation of the main rotor for all flight conditions. Two-shaft engines with a free turbine ensure the highest operating reliability for the propulsion system.

A jet drive for the main rotor is also possible. In this case the circumferential force is applied directly to the blades of the main rotor without using a heavy and complicated mechanical transmission. The circumferential force is developed either by independent jet engines mounted on the main rotor blades or by the discharge of a gas (compressed air) from nozzle openings located at the ends of the blades. A jet drive is less economical than the mechanical drive. The jet drive with turbojet engines on the rotor blades is the most economical of the jet-propulsion systems, but it has not come into practical use because of the complicated construction.


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Safran, whose world-leading helicopter engine business is Turbomeca, announced it has finalised the acquisition from Rolls-Royce of Rolls-Royce's 50 per cent share in their joint RTM322 helicopter engine programme.
4% after con-firming it has completed the sale of its 50% shareholding and interest in the RRTM322 helicopter engine programme to Turbomeca (Safran), for which it has received a cash consideration of [euro]293m.
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Brown has created a jet engine from scratch - a 930 kilowatt helicopter engine retooled to create thrust, with an afterburner spraying fuel into the exhaust to generate even more thrust.
Ken Roberts, President of the Rolls-Royce Helicopter Engine business, said:
For the detailed scoop, check the MIM for info on authorized adapters that each helicopter engine uses.
In light of the Coast Guard's decision to replace the existing engine, and as part of our already ongoing work on the safety and reliability of the HH-65 helicopter, we determined (1) whether the Coast Guard's decision to replace the existing HH-65 helicopter engine was fact- and risk-based; (2) the management and efficiency implications, if any, of the Coast Guard's approach for addressing the safety and reliability issues with the existing HH-65 engine and acquiring the replacement engine; and (3) the extent to which the replacement decision aligns with the Coast Guard's long-term helicopter needs under its Deepwater program.
The companies have agreed to divest Honeywell's military helicopter engine business and to other stipulations concerning Honeywell's aircraft engines and auxiliary power units.

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