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city, ancient Greece: see HeliceHelice
or Helike
, ancient city of Achaea, N Peloponnesus, near the mouth of the Selinous River, 20 mi (32 km) E of Pátrai. Noted for its sanctuary of Poseidon, Helice was a seat of the First Achaean League. It was destroyed by an earthquake and tsunami in 373 B.
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First up, is a dDr Crokes who will presBallymun defence with helike they've never encounterein the shape of Colm CooperO'Leary and Brian Looney.
Helike the Pixies and Elvis Costello and numerous others who have recently canceled their visits to Israelis telling those Israelis most likely to be critical of their government and its ruinous actions that meek protestation is no longer enough.
5 /m) and the epicenter was probably between Helike and Xylocastro faults--Xylocastro fault is situated in eastward prolongation of Pirgaki fault (Hatzfeld et al.
The earthquake could be related to the Helike fault or to another one further north-offshore.
Existe otra serie de textos que se refieren a la fundacion de Akra Leuke y a la muerte de Amilcar en las proximidades de Helike, ciudades que tradicionalmente se han situado en el area alicantina, aunque sin ninguna base solida (Abad y Abascal 1992).
ONCE again an archaeologist is intent on distorting legend to fit in with a pet theory, as witnessed last week in BBC2's Horizon show Helike - The Real Atlantis.
The classical Greek city of Helike disappeared under water after a massive earthquake, inspiring the myth of Atlantis.