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Helio, asteroid 895 (the 895th asteroid to be discovered, on July 11, 1918), is approximately 68 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 5.7 years. Helio was named after the Greek god of the Sun. J. Lee Lehman asserts that the person with this asteroid prominent in her or his natal chart “does her/his job, and expects to shine as a result of it.” Jacob Schwartz gives the astrological significance of Helio as “consistent confidence and delivery of creative energy.”


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Helio Castroneves will also serve as the honorary starter of the 6th Annual Firestone Grand Prix 5K Run presented by Modern Business Associates benefiting the Police Athletic League of St.
Helio Melo representa o seringueiro na sua lida diaria de recolher o latex, que, usualmente, os seringueiros chamam leite da seringa.
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Para emitir o botao floral foram necessarios 31 dias nas cultivares Embrapa 122 V-2000, Helio 250 e Helio 358; 34 dias para as cultivares IAC Iarama e Dow Agroscience M 734 e 37 dias para a Helio 251, Helio 253, Helio 360 e Dow Agroscience MG 02 (Tabela 2).
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Helio Resource Corporation owns the Gold Kop Target, Damara Gold Project (DGP) which comprises four licenses covering 318 500 hectares.
The Helio Protection fuse line, which includes the HP6M, HP 10M, and HP6J, provides desirable overcurrent protection at the combiner box and inverter levels and covers applications ranging from 1 A to 400 A, 600 VDC, and 1000 VDC.