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see DardanellesDardanelles
or Çanakkale Boğazi
, strait, c.40 mi (60 km) long and from 1 to 4 mi (1.6 to 6.4 km) wide, connecting the Aegean Sea with the Sea of Marmara and separating the Gallipoli peninsula of European Turkey from Asian Turkey.
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(78) In 410, the Spartan king Agis sent fifteen ships, manned by allies, to Chalcedon and Byzantium, and en route three of them were destroyed in the Hellespont by the nine Athenian ships that were always present to watch over merchantmen.
What is more, the sea was a Persian deity; in Aeschylus's Persians the ghost of Darius refers to the "holy Hellespont." (50) The tragedy of Xerxes, who in the Persians experiences divine retribution in the form of a crushing military defeat, was his inability to distinguish the whipper from the whipped.
Centuries later, Lord Byron, swimming for glory, emulated Leander's legendary swims for romance to visit his beloved Hero, swam the Hellespont in 1810 and then set his achievement to poetry.
"The construction of Xerxes' bridge over the Hellespont", The Journal of Hellenic Studies, [1996] 88-107.
Marlowe's poem is set in and around the Hellespont that flows between Sestos, located on the Greco-Turkish shore, and Abydos, on the Asiatic coast.
Jesmond woman Zoe Allen will be snapping on her swimming cossie and cap to take part in the risky Hellespont Open Water Swim for Parkinson's UK.
It ends with the expulsion of the last Persian garrisons from Thrace except in Doriscus, ending this stage of Persian policy towards Thrace and Macedonia and setting the stage for Alexander the Great crossing the Hellespont into Persia.
The throng of a thousand ships of the Venetians, rulers of the sea, fighting with their fast ships, and the ships with mighty hollows, resembling mountains, of the Spaniards, that have the tops of their masts in the clouds, must rush towards the Hellespont (and a cross, which fends off evil, must always be raised on the tops of their masts).
When the Lakedaimonians got these oracles and saw that the Athenians were increasing in power ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) and were not prompt to obey them, and when they realized that the Attic race, in its freedom ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), would be the equal of themselves, but, if controlled by a tyranny, would be weak and disposed to subjection ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII])--when they understood all this, they sent Hippias, the son of Peisitratos, from Sigeion on the Hellespont ...
Yet he groomed his fame as well, through a mixture of physical achievement (he swam the Hellespont) and pure vanity (he wore hair curlers to bed).
Maritime Broadband's C-Bird - tipped as a reliable, affordable and efficient VSAT communications solution for continuous connectivity at sea - has gained approval from shipping companies such as Enterprises (Greece), Hellespont (Germany), Sobelmar (Belgium), all of whom have recently joined their growing list of key clients.
The civilization of Homeric Troy, which commanded the Hellespont (the Dardanelles), still fascinates many visitors today.