Friedrich Robert Helmert

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Helmert, Friedrich Robert


Born July 31, 1843, in Freiberg; died June 15, 1917, in Potsdam. German geodesist and geophysicist. Became a professor at Berlin University in 1887 and director of the Geodetic Institute in Berlin (later in Potsdam) in 1886; he also directed the Central International Bureau of Degree Measurements.

Helmert studied the acceleration of the force of gravity in the mountains. He determined the dimensions of the earth, worked out a formula for the normal distribution of gravitational forces on the surface of the earth’s ellipsoid, wrote a handbook of equivalent calculations, and was the author of the two-volume manual Mathematical and Physical Theory in Higher Geodesy (1880-84) and many other works on geodesy and geophysics.

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The models included Helmert contrasts and univariate tests with Bonferroni post hoc comparisons performed after obtaining a significant model effect.
Normal gravity values on the reference ellipsoid are obtained from the Helmert 1901 equation:
2]), physical activity (regularly > 2 hr/week, regularly ~ 1 hr/week, irregular ~ 1 hr/week, nearly no sport activities, based on a combination of sport activities during summer and winter), and socioeconomic status [SES; quintiles of the Helmert Index (Helmert and Shea 1994), based on school education, professional status, family income].
Frank Helmert, Vice President, Global Interactive Marketing
She credits her instructor at the time, Helmert, for helping her realize her true calling.
Researchers used a Helmert contrast, an orthogonal contrast that allows for the comparison of the control group with K-PALS Levels 1 and 2 combined as well as K-PALS Level 1 with Level 2, to address the specific research questions.
At the same time, in the paper entitled "A Statistical Analysis of Consumer Attitudes to Hospitality Services Abroad" (Saierli, Vasilescu & Pater, 2010), we have used a Helmert test ([x.
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These coordinates were transformed into the new European terrestrial reference system ETRS89 by using a spatial 7-parameter Helmert transformation.
21) For the system GMM estimation and IRFs one observation is lost with the Helmert transformation, where the available observations for estimation are between 1963 and 2005 in the bivariate VAR and between 1971 and 2005 in the multivariate VAR.
As he works he covers projection spaces and vector space theory, the least squares theory, distribution theory, Helmert matrices and orthogonal relationships, diagnostics and robustness in residual analysis, models that include variance components, likelihood approaches, and incorrelated residuals formed from the linear model.
Apart from Christensen and Suzuki, other foreign-born, British-trained makers in the Birmingham collection include the Germans Andreas Fabian and Simone ten Hompel and the New Zealander Helmert Robbertsen.