Friedrich Robert Helmert

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Helmert, Friedrich Robert


Born July 31, 1843, in Freiberg; died June 15, 1917, in Potsdam. German geodesist and geophysicist. Became a professor at Berlin University in 1887 and director of the Geodetic Institute in Berlin (later in Potsdam) in 1886; he also directed the Central International Bureau of Degree Measurements.

Helmert studied the acceleration of the force of gravity in the mountains. He determined the dimensions of the earth, worked out a formula for the normal distribution of gravitational forces on the surface of the earth’s ellipsoid, wrote a handbook of equivalent calculations, and was the author of the two-volume manual Mathematical and Physical Theory in Higher Geodesy (1880-84) and many other works on geodesy and geophysics.

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Survey vessel Fugro Helmert will cover shallow, nearshore areas to acquire multi-channel sparker data.
The variance homogeneity was assessed with the Levene test, the contrasts were examined with the Helmert test, and for post-hoc-tests, Scheffe tests were used.
If a significant overall dose effect was observed, planned Helmert contrasts were performed; contrast 1 compares oral dosing to the combined inhaled doses, contrast 2 compares smoking and vaporization.
Los datos resultantes son una nube de puntos dispersos en un sistema de coordenadas arbitrario, que luego son asociados a un sistema global a traves de los parametros de transformacion de Helmert (Turner, Lucieer y Wallace, 2012; Nex y Remondino, 2013).
In the Stimulus foils model Helmert contrasts were employed, the first contrast compared Second Stimulus foils with First Stimulus foils and the second compared both stimulus foils with the mean of First Stimulus foils and Second Stimulus foils
IN MERSEY | In the Mersey today, Conmar Gulf, a container vessel; Atlantic Star, a container vessel coming from Belgium and sailing on to Canada; Fugro Helmert, a research/ training vessel.
The best known are the Helmert (Helmert 1872; Weslsch 1978), Bique (Koch 1978, 2010; Welsch 1984), Minque (Rao 1971), Forstner (Forstner 1979) and IAUE (Lucas 1985) methods.
The models included Helmert contrasts and univariate tests with Bonferroni post hoc comparisons performed after obtaining a significant model effect.
i,t] o vetor de variaveis endogenas do modelo e seguindo Arellano e Bover (1995), a transformacao de Helmert pode ser descrita como:
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Studies have demonstrated that single-item measures of self-rated and self-perceived health correlate well with objective outcomes such as mortality (Idler & Benyamini, 1997; Schwarze, Anderson, & Anger, 2000; Helmert, 2003) and have been shown to be reliable (Martikainen et al.
Normal gravity values on the reference ellipsoid are obtained from the Helmert 1901 equation: