river, Afghanistan: see HelmandHelmand
or Helmund
, river, c.700 mi (1,130 km) long, rising in the Hindu Kush Mts., NE Afghanistan and flowing generally SW to the Sistan basin, SW Afghanistan, where it helps form the Hamun-i-Helmand (Sistan Lake), a marshy lake that extends into Iran; longest river
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Derbyniodd Owen Davis o Alltwen ger Pontardawe fedal am ei waith fel Capten yng nghatrawd y Royal Marines yn nhalaith Helmund, Afghanistan ym 2012.
Helmund, close to Pakistan border with 18,000 ANDSF stationed there is particularly vulnerable.
Iran and Pakistan shareatri-junctional border connecting Pakistan's KPK and Balochistan with Afghanistan's Helmund Province and Seist anonthe Iranian side o f Balochistan.
I would give up my free bus pass to stop the welfare cuts, but not to fund this imperialistic campaign which tragically, the report claims, has not altered the odds in Helmund province and cost hundreds of lives.
The released detainees included Abdul Bari, ex-Governor Helmund, Nur-ud-Din Turabi, ex-Justice Minister, Allah Dd Tabib, ex-Minister, Mullah Daud Jan, ex-Governor Kabul and Mir Ahmed Gul, ex-Governor.
The fact that poppy growing Afghan provinces (Helmund, Kandahar and Nimroz) neighbour Pakistan, makes it a lucrative trafficking route for Afghan opiates.
Originating in the Baba mountain of the Hindukush range, the Helmund river travels 1050 kms through Afghanistan before reaching the Afghan-Iran border near Zabol.
This trijunctional border connects Pakistan's NWFP and its largest province Balochistan as well as Makran Coast in Sindh with Afghanistan's Helmund Province and Seistan on the Iranian side of Balochistan (see map.1).
July's ground offensive targeted the Taliban's most significant stronghold in southeastern Afghanistan's Helmund Province.
He maintained that government was taking all possible steps to deal with possible negative implications of ongoing military operation against the terrorists in Afghan province Helmund. Deployment of security forces was being increased to stop infiltration of terrorists in Balochistan, as We are in contact with US authorities, NATO in this connection.