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Long before his scandalous love affair with his young student Heloise, (a fine performance from Jo Herbert) herself no slouch when it came to philosophical debate, Abelard (the excellent David Sturzaker ) was already known throughout Europe for his debunking of phoney religious orthodoxy favouring in its place the radical logic found in Aristotle's Ethics and similar tracts.
Abelard is already on thin ice with the church over his contentious views and when Heloise bears his child out of wedlock, their affair becomes the scandal of the age.
La preuve, mon quatrieme roman L'ete des lucioles sort en janvier 2014 aux editions Heloise d'Ormesson.
But she cares less about mayhem than about ways for Heloise to adapt her talents to changing times.
Today, Mulholland climbs up the slippery gangway of the Heloise and is greeted by a young, smiling Chinese crew.
the notoriety of Rousseau's La Nouvelle Heloise had also largely
Die afwesigheid van geliefdes, die diaspora van geliefdes soos Abelard en Heloise en later Astralabe, die dood van 'n vriendin se man, word deur die gedig aanwesig geskryf soos die spreker dit sekuur in "Agtergeblewene" (77) stel:
In hierdie afdeling kom die tragiese verhaal van Abelard en Heloise uit die verf.
In Cassandra Golds' "The Museum of Mary Child," little Heloise longs to have a doll of her own, but there is a terrible secret in her past involving dolls and a madhouse.
Heloise escapes to the City where she is taken into the home of Old Mother who gives a home to twelve orphan girls.
Before Martha Stewart and Heloise, there was Esther Jacobs Levy's 1871 Jewish Cookery Book--On Principles of Economy, Adapted for Jewish Housekeepers, With the Addition of Many Useful Medicinal Recipes and Other Valuable Information Relative to Housekeeping and Domestic Management.
The songs in the Carmina Burana by Heloise and Abelard, often widely influential, are mostly outside the scope of this article, but there is a decidedly backhanded compliment to Heloise in the CB Passion Play: not only are lines (and music) from her own Three Marys drama quoted, but one of her love songs for Abelard seems to be cruelly counterfeited in this "tart on the town" episode, which takes up a great deal of that play's performing time.