Helsinki Conference

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Helsinki Conference:

see Organization for Security and Cooperation in EuropeOrganization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
(OSCE), international organization established as the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) in 1973, during the cold war, to promote East-West cooperation. Headquarters are in Prague, Czech Republic.
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The Association formed in 1873, he says, but only began considering internationally shared water resources in 1954, and after a decade of research, adopted the Rules at the 1966 Helsinki Conference. (Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
Speaking to the Helsinki conference of the centre-right European People's Party (EPP), Mr Barnier warned: "The European project is fragile, it is under threat, it is perishable and at the same time it is vital."
What happened at Yalta proved far more consequential than anything that comes out of the Helsinki conference. Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill gave their imprimatur to the Russians controlling Poland after the war.
The focus on urban sites and urban cultures which originally brought the contributors together at the 2012 Helsinki conference is not reflected in the title of this volume.
The OSCE could play a pivotal role, serving, like the Helsinki conference 40 years ago, as a platform to overcome the existing divide, restore trust and rebuild a cooperative approach to common security concerns.
State Department announced that the Helsinki conference, "Cannot be convened because of present conditions in the Middle East and the fact that states in the region have not reached agreement on acceptable conditions for the conference." It went on to say, "We would not support a conference in which any regional state would be subject to pressure or isolation." The statement was referring to Israel, the only nuclear armed state in the region.
(21) With the indefinite postponement of the Helsinki conference, civil society will have to take the lead if a Middle East WMD-free zone is to become reality.
But, whatever the peaceful protestations of the participants at the Helsinki conference, the accelerating threat of nuclear proliferation throughout the region holds out the prospect of disaster.
On November 23, the US announced that the Helsinki conference cannot be convened at this point due to the special conditions in the Middle East.
Soltaniyeh said Iran was "determined to participate actively" in the Helsinki conference, which he said could pave the way for a world free of nuclear weapons.
In the Helsinki Conference, the PSF Chairman gave a presentation on "IBSE in Pakistan-Issues in Implementation and Student Assessment".
Based extensively on the consequences of the Helsinki Conference (1975), the book focuses on documents inaccessibles for Romanians under the communist regime and consulted since the fall of the Berlin Wall by only a handful of scholars and researchers.
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