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Collection of blood in a body part.



in man and animals, the accumulation of blood in a limited space (such as between the sheaths of the broad ligament of the uterus). The term hematocele usually designates the accumulation of blood between the tunicae vaginales testis or in the scrotal tissues. Hematoceles are usually caused by injury to the scrotum or chronic hemorrhagic inflammation of the testis. They are manifested by hemorrhages into the scrotal dermis and painful swelling of the testis. Treatment involves rest, application of ice to the scrotum, and sometimes surgery.

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We describe the peculiar case of an idiopathic hematocele, which was mistaken for a testicular cancer, prompting surgical excision.
A hematocele was present between the testicle and the tunica vaginalis.
6,8) In the case reported here, color Doppler showed vessels within the septae, a finding that would not be expected in an organized pyocele or hematocele, which may otherwise have a similar sonographic appearance.
6) Hematoceles and pyoceles are rare and are usually caused by trauma, surgery, or neoplasm.