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A localized mass of blood in tissue; usually it clots and becomes encapsulated by connective tissue.



a localized accumulation of liquid blood in tissues.

A hematoma is formed during hemorrhages if the blood does not infiltrate the tissues (such as the subcutaneous tissue, muscles, periosteum, brain, liver, and spleen) but rather separates them, forming a cavity. The primary cause of hematomas is trauma, or rupture of pathologically altered blood vessels. Small hematomas are resorbed without a trace, but an inflammatory reaction develops, with the formation of a thick capsule, around large ones. Hematomas result in swelling, ecchymosis, pain, and dysfunction of the affected organ. Treatment involves application of a pressure bandage, and treatment with cold the first day and then heat. Surgery is indicated if a liver or spleen hematoma ruptures or if the hematoma suppurates.

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We present a 36-year-old male who was shot in the scrotum by a paintball gun and sustained an isolated epididy mal hematoma without associated injury to the testicle.
Therefore, we suggest that clinicians should take into consideration the possibility of AS in patients with vertebral fracture and epidural hematoma occurring spontaneously or with minor trauma.
Contract Awarded for upgrade its handheld IR brain hematoma detector for use on the battlefield.
2,3) The only reported instance of a false-negative ultrasound on a child with a skull fracture was when the skull was imaged directly under the scalp hematoma, but the fracture was located adjacent to the borders of the hematoma.
Often heterogeneous echoes are also seen in the subcapsular regions compatible with associated subcapsular hemorrhage and/or hematoma.
In the remaining two-thirds, the hematoma is gradually reabsorbed without invasive treatment.
En este caso consistentes basicamente en toma regular de constantes vitales, analgesia (abundante durante los primeros dias de ingreso como consecuencia del amplio hematoma resultante de la hre) y analiticas sanguineas.
On an abdominal-pelvic CT, an image compatible with a hematoma, approximately 9x8 mm in size related to the left iliopsoas muscle and on the left region of the pelvis towards the inguinal canal was observed (Fig.
Physical examination performed after the procedure revealed no hematoma or swelling at the puncture site.
The mechanism of SIS is probably hyperemia [increased blood in the brain], not occult hematoma.