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a genus of artiodactyls, comprising the tahrs, of the family Bovidae. In general appearance, Hemitragus resembles the true goats. The body is covered with long, coarse hairs, and there is a dense, soft undercoat. The males and females have small sickle-shaped horns that curve backward. The Hemitragus is a gregarious polygamous animal, inhabiting the rocky parts of mountains.

The genus comprises three species, the best known of which is the Himalayan tahr (H. jemlahicus), which is distributed in the Himalayas, from the Pir Panjal Mountains to Sikkim. The body length is about 180 cm, and the tail length, about 10 cm. The animal stands about 100 cm high at the shoulder and weighs about 100 kg. The other two species are found in southern India and in the southeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula.


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Por otro lado, hay especies relacionadas con medios escarpados y vegetacion boscosa como es Hemitragus sp.
En relacion a la propuesta ecologica de Perez Ripoll, reconocemos la desaparicion de especies como el macaco o el Hemitragus.