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The filtering of toxic solutes and excess fluid from the blood via an external membranous coil placed between the blood and a rinsing solution.
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a method of extrarenal purification of the blood in acute and chronic renal insufficiency. During dialysis, toxic metabolic products are removed from the body, and the impaired water and electrolyte balances are normalized. Dialysis is effected by exchange transfusion of blood (simultaneous massive bloodletting with transfusion of the same amount of whole blood), by washing the peritoneum with a salt solution (peritoneal dialysis), and by washing the intestinal mucosa with moderately hypertonic solutions (intestinal dialysis). Use of an artificial kidney is the most effective method of dialysis.


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I have worked in a variety of capacities throughout the renal program including hemodialysis, home hemodialysis educator, patient care coordinator, and my current role of Renal Vascular Access Coordinator.
By Norma Jean Martel, RN, CNeph(C), Nephrology Leader Clinical Operations, In Centre Hemodialysis, Hemodialysis, Home Dialysis and Renal Clinic, Capital District Health Authority, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Having worked in hemodialysis, home teaching and transplant, I finally settled back into hemodialysis.