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(invertebrate zoology)
The circulating fluid of the open circulatory systems of many invertebrates.



a fluid that circulates in the vessels and intercellular spaces of many invertebrates with an open system of blood circulation, such as arthropods and mollusks.

Hemolymph performs the same functions as blood and lymph in animals with a closed circulatory system (some worms, vertebrates). It transports oxygen and carbon dioxide, nutrients, and secretory products. It is rich in organic substances, including proteins, and frequently contains the respiratory pigments hemocyanin and hemoglobin. Hemolymph also contains cellular elements of various structure and function (phagocytes, excretory cells, and, in some cases, erythrocytes).

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What's more, BmARM-like protein could be detected by immunofluorescence in all analyzed tissues, including head, midgut, hemolymph, fat body, testis and ovary.
0 mg/kg concentrations in midgut, brain, ventral nerve cord, hemolymph, and excreta.
Hemolymph is mostly colorless and composed of a variety of cell types with functions incipient to those of vertebrates (Goodbody, 1975; Wright, 1981; Millar and Ratcliffe, 1989; Cima et al.
In the current study, the DNA integrity in hemolymph cells, gametes, and embryos of [H.
Further to comparisons with the works of references relating to the hemolymph of orthopterans, namely the works of Wigglesworth [29], Arnold [4], Raccaud-Shoeller [22] and Woodring cited by Klowden [14] we have managed to identify four types of cells among S.
This section summarizes the current knowledge of hemolymph based toxicity caused by various entomopathogenic bacteria in relation to the neurobiology of insect pests.
Aquatic larvae of dipterous genera, such as Aedes and Chironomus, have developed anal papillae that absorb sodium and chloride ions into the hemolymph (Stobbart 1960; Wright 1975).
When the fungus is finished dining on hemolymph, usually after a few days, it simply eats its way out through the insect's tissue.
Therefore, in this paper we tested the hypothesis that DFB may affect the level of hemolymph ecdysteroids in last-instar nymphs of S.
For example, lipophorin is a conjugated protein that shuttles diacylglycerols via hemolymph (Chapman 1998).
neck, let them spangle with macrophage and leukocyte, with hemolymph of