Hemorrhagic Diathesis

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hemorrhagic diathesis

[‚hem·ə′raj·ik dī′ath·ə·səs]
Any condition marked by abnormal bleeding tendency.

Hemorrhagic Diathesis


a predisposition to bleeding. Hemorrhagic diathesis may be manifested as an independent disease, associated with an impairment of blood coagulability, or as a secondary symptom of a variety of infectious diseases, avitaminoses, (for example, scurvy), and severe kidney lesions.

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Jaundice (14/93%), hemorrhagic diathesis (13/87%), nausea and vomiting (11/73%), abdominal pain (10/67%), myalgia (7/47%), hypotension (7/47%) and diarrhea (4/27%) also were observed.
It is known that hemorrhagic diathesis together with psychogenic disorders is present in this syndrome, but the cause and frequency of hematological disorders is not known.
The hemorrhagic phase usually begins on the 4th-6th days of the disease, and during this phase, patients show signs of hemorrhagic diathesis ranging from mucocutaneous bleeding to fatal massive hemorrhage and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC).

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