Hemorrhagic Diathesis

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hemorrhagic diathesis

[‚hem·ə′raj·ik dī′ath·ə·səs]
Any condition marked by abnormal bleeding tendency.

Hemorrhagic Diathesis


a predisposition to bleeding. Hemorrhagic diathesis may be manifested as an independent disease, associated with an impairment of blood coagulability, or as a secondary symptom of a variety of infectious diseases, avitaminoses, (for example, scurvy), and severe kidney lesions.

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Thirteen (87%) had manifested hemorrhagic diathesis such as skin hemorrhage in nine (60%), hematuria in nine (60%), epistaxis in three (20%), hematemesis in two (13%), melena in 1 (7%).
Furthermore, PFA-100 screening was performed in patients suspected to have hemorrhagic diathesis and the sensitivity and specificity of this method were investigated among vWD patients.
Among these students, 115 individuals were regarded as significant in terms of hemorrhagic diathesis. Upon reevaluation of the symptoms, 46 students were considered as having insignificant symptoms and these individuals were excluded from the study; no contact was possible with 20 students.
Hemorrhagic diathesis is a common complication of dengue fever.
Aspirin should not be used if the patient has Hypersensitivity to Aspirin or other Salicylate, Hemorrhagic diathesis, documented acute gastric or duodenal ulcer and in pregnancy after 36 weeks of gestation.
We conducted additional tests because thrombocytopenia could have been the first sign of a more severe form of dengue infection, dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is associated with hemorrhagic diathesis and shock (6).