Hemorrhagic Diathesis

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hemorrhagic diathesis

[‚hem·ə′raj·ik dī′ath·ə·səs]
Any condition marked by abnormal bleeding tendency.

Hemorrhagic Diathesis


a predisposition to bleeding. Hemorrhagic diathesis may be manifested as an independent disease, associated with an impairment of blood coagulability, or as a secondary symptom of a variety of infectious diseases, avitaminoses, (for example, scurvy), and severe kidney lesions.

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Hemorrhagic diathesis is a common complication of dengue fever.
We conducted additional tests because thrombocytopenia could have been the first sign of a more severe form of dengue infection, dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is associated with hemorrhagic diathesis and shock (6).

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