Hendrik Terbrugghen

Terbrugghen, Hendrik


(also Hendrick Ter Brugghen). Born 1587 or 1588 in Deventer; died Nov. 1, 1629, in Utrecht. Dutch painter.

Terbrugghen studied in Utrecht under A. Bloemaert. After working in Italy from 1604 to 1614 he returned to Utrecht. A representative of Caravaggism, he mainly painted half figures of singers, musicians, and the like, for example, The Concert (1626; Hermitage, Leningrad). He treated religious and mythological compositions as genre scenes (Jacob and Laban, 1627; National Gallery, London). Terbrugghen’s mature works feature light, silvery tonalities and contemplative imagery.


Nicolson, B. Hendrick Terbrugghen. The Hague, 1958.
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