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Finch, Heneage:

see Nottingham, Heneage Finch, 1st earl ofNottingham, Heneage Finch, 1st earl of
, 1621–82, lord chancellor of England. He took no part in the politics of the English civil war, but in 1660 he entered Parliament and became solicitor general, serving as
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She served from 1682 to 1684 as Maid of Honor to the Italian Mary Beatrice (the wife of the Duke of York, the future James II) until her marriage to Heneage Finch on May 15, 1684.
For Finch, Wright especially takes on the subject of agency, noting that "Anne and Heneage Finch worked together so closely that in many areas of their lives it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish one spouse's activities from the other's" (157).
During the 17th and 18th centuries, with bases in the great entrepots of Aleppo, Alexandria and Constantinople, figures such as George Baldwin and Heneage Finch, armed with curiosity and commercial acumen, 'spoke for an attitude of mind which for a time was commonplace on the streets of London', epitomised by Dr Johnson's comment that there were 'two objects of curiosity, the Christian and the Mahumetan', since 'all the rest may be considered as barbarous.
In 1684 she married Colonel Heneage Finch, who in 1712, on the death of his nephew Charles, became the 4th Earl of Winchilsea.
Kingsmill stepped down from her post in 1684 when she married Heneage Finch, who was a gentleman of the bedchamber in James's court.