Henri Baulig

Baulig, Henri


Born 1877 in Paris; died 1962. French geographer.

Baulig taught at the University of Rennes from 1912 to 1919; he was a professor at the University of Strasbourg from 1919 to 1947. He was a representative of the French school of the “geography of man.” He conducted research in the field of physical geography. Baulig’s works show the effect of the American school of geography (W. M. Davis).


Le Plateau central de la France et sa bordure méditerranéenne: Etude morphologique. Paris, 1928.
Problèmes des terrasses. Brussels, 1949–50.
Vocabulaire franco-anglo-allemand de géomorphologie. Paris, 1956.
In Russian translation:
Severnaia Amerika. [Moscow] 1948.
Ocherki geomorfologii. Moscow, 1956.