Henri Cordier

Cordier, Henri


Born Aug. 8, 1849, in New Orleans, USA; died Mar. 16, 1925, in Paris. French Orientalist and bibliographer.

Cordier worked in China from 1869 to 1880, when he returned to France and became a lecturer on the geography and history of the Far East at the School of Oriental Languages in Paris. He was editor in chief of the international sinological journal T’oung pao (1890–1925) and the author of works on the history of China and bibliographies of literature on China, Japan, and IndoChina. Cordier was interested primarily in political history and his work is remarkable in its wealth of factual material.


Histoire génénerale de la Chine et ses rélations avec les pays étrangers, depuis les temps les plus anciensjusqu ’a la chute de la dynastie mandchoue, vols. 1–4. Paris, 1920–21.
Bibliotheca Sinica: Dictionnaire bibliographique des ouvrages rélatifs à l’Empire Chinois, 2nd ed., vols. 1–2. Paris, 1904–08.
Bibliotheca Indosinica, vols. 1–4. Paris, 1912–15.
Bibliotheca Japonica. Paris, 1912.
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Henri Cordier mentions the mediocre abilities in science of this "simple soul," as well as his naivety and bonhomie (liii-iv).
Accordingly, most reference seems to be made today to Anastasius Van den Wyngaert's 1929 Sinica Franciscana, with various critical editions by Yule (1866 and revised by Henri Cordier 1915), Cordier (1891), Lucio Monaco and Giulio Cesare Testa (1986), Monaco (1990), D.A.
It was the most important bibliography on China since the appearance of the monumental compilation by Henri Cordier (1849-1925) several decades before.