Henri Deterding

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Deterding, Henri


Born Apr. 19, 1866, in Amsterdam; died Feb. 4, 1939, in St. Moritz, Switzerland. One of the biggest monopolists—an “oil king.”;

From 1902, Deterding was general director of the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company. From 1907 to 1936 he headed the Anglo-Dutch petroleum monopoly, Royal Dutch/Shell. He initiated the creation of the International Oil Cartel. He was one of the inspirers of anti-Soviet activity in the capitalist countries.

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He fell out badly with Henri Deterding, with whom he had worked closely before the war in building up the interests of Royal Dutch-Shell.
Sir John Cadman, head of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company - which later morphed into BP - invited rivals Henri Deterding, boss of Shell, William Mellon, the founder of Gulf Oil, and Walter Teagle, head of Standard Oil, to the summit.
James Deterding, the 78-year-old grandson of Sir Henri Deterding, who founded Royal Dutch Shell, and his wife Shirley are selling up.
The estate, situated near Holt in Norfolk, was created a century ago by Dutch oil industrialist Sir Henri Deterding.
It formally allied itself to Royal Dutch under the control of Henri Deterding (sometimes described as the 'Napoleon of oil') on 1 January 1907.
Prominent amongst these is the confirmation that one of the corporation's two 'founding fathers', Henri Deterding, was a passionate supporter of fascist dictators such as Gomez in Venezuela, Franco in Spain, Mussolini in Italy and Hitler in Germany.
When agreement was close, Sir Henri Deterding of Shell invited Teagle of Jersey and Cadman of Anglo-Persian to Achnacarry House in the Scottish Highlands.
In 1903 it formed the template for its current structure when Mr Marcus Samuel's London company, Shell, linked up with Royal Dut ch led by oil industry giant Mr Henri Deterding.