Henri IV

Henri IV (Quatre) style

The early phase of the Classical period of French architecture, named after Henry IV (1589–1610), preceding the architecture of Louis XIII and Louis XIV. It is particularly strong in domestic architecture and town-planning arrangements. The Place des Vosges in Paris (1605–12) is the outstanding example. (See illustration p. 504.)
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They were all willing to leave the Bourbons in tranquil possession of the throne of France; for it was too plainly established that Henri IV. became king for want of a male heir in the first Orleans branch called the Valois.
-- Baron Trenck, nor Casanova, nor Benvenuto Chel- leeny, nor Henri IV., nor none of them heroes?
It is certain, that if Ravaillac had not assassinated Henri IV., there would have been no documents in the trial of Ravaillac deposited in the clerk's office of the Palais de Justice, no accomplices interested in causing the said documents to disappear; hence, no incendiaries obliged, for lack of better means, to burn the clerk's office in order to burn the documents, and to burn the Palais de Justice in order to burn the clerk's office; consequently, in short, no conflagration in 1618.
"It is very clear, notwithstanding," replied the young man, with an artlessness wholly free from affectation; "tell her some fine morning an unheard-of piece of intelligence -- some telegraphic despatch, of which you alone are in possession; for instance, that Henri IV. was seen yesterday at Gabrielle's.
To the influence of his chief he owed a half-scholarship for each of his two sons in the College Henri IV.; while his daughter was being educated gratis at a boarding school where his wife gave music lessons and he himself a course of history and one of geography in the evenings.
1591 - Chartres surrenders to king Henri IV in France
Reacting to such approaches in 1964, Roland Mousnier wrote a book on the assassination of Henri IV of France [1610], contending that this event explains a great deal about what later happened in France.
Reveries of Community: French Epic in the Age of Henri IV, 1572-1616
Both of Macron's parents were doctors, and he attended one of the most prestigious schools in France, Lycee Henri IV. From there, he became an investment banker and economy minister.
Concernant les [beaucoup moins que] penchants [beaucoup plus grand que] et les [beaucoup moins que] relations [beaucoup plus grand que] entre l'Emir et l'ordre initiatique de la franc-maconnerie, la Loge Henri IV et son extension egyptienne, la Loge des Pyramides en Alexandrie, une [beaucoup moins que] contre verite [beaucoup plus grand que] evoquee par nombre d'historiens francais, Bruno Etienne en tete.
..AND SOME MORE DEAR ROUNDS COGNAC The PS1million Henri IV Dudognon Heritage is aged for 100 years and comes in a gold and platinum bottle, covered in 6500 diamonds.