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It was discovered in 1893 in rare mineral form by French Nobel Prize winning chemist Dr Henri Moissan (1852-1907) while analysing fragments of a meteorite found in the Arizona desert.
22 Henri Moissan won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1906 for succeeding - where generations of chemists had failed - in isolating which extremely reactive element?
Henri Moissan discovered small particles of natural moissanite in a crater made by a meteorite that fell to earth in Arizona.
It was discovered over 100 years ago by Nobel Prize winner Dr Henri Moissan when he analysed part of a meteorite.
The Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges, perhaps, or Henri Moissan, winner of the 1906 Nobel Prize for chemistry.
Henri Moissan, discovered minute quantities of natural moissanite while analyzing samples from an Arizona crater site in the late 1800s, and the mineral was later named in his honor.
Henri Moissan discovered minute quantities of natural silicon carbide while analyzing part of the Diablo Canyon (Arizona) meteorite in 1893.