Henri Prunières

Prunières, Henri


Born May 24, 1886, in Paris; died Apr. 11, 1942, in Nanterre. French musicologist.

Prunières studied with R. Rolland at the Sorbonne. From 1909 to 1914 he taught at the School for Advanced Social Research. Prunières initiated the founding of the International Musicological Society and was president of the French section of the International Society for Contemporary Music. In 1920 he founded the journal La Revue musicale, directing its work until 1939.

Prunières wrote monographs and articles on J. B. Lully, C. Monteverdi, L. Rossi, and F. Cavalli. He also edited Lully’s complete works (vols. 1–10, 1931–39; unfinished).


L’Opéra italien en France avant Lulli. Paris, 1913.
Le Ballet de cour en France avant Benserade et Lully. Paris, 1914.
Nouvelle Histoire de la musique, vols. 1–2. Paris, 1934–36.