Henrik Mohn

Mohn, Henrik


Born May 15, 1835, in Bergen; died Sept. 12 (according to some data, Sept. 30), 1916, in Oslo. Norwegian meteorologist. Professor at the University of Christiania (now Oslo) and director of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (1866–1913).

Mohn established a network of meteorological stations in Norway. His main works were devoted to such topics as the climatic conditions of Norway, synoptic and dynamic meteorology, and sound propagation in the atmosphere. Mohn processed and published the findings of various polar expeditions, including those headed by A. Nordens Kjöld on the Vega and F. Nansen on the Fram.


In Russian translation:
Meteorologiia, Hi uchenie o pogode. Edited by D. I. Mendeleev. St. Petersburg, 1876.


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